Rates & Conditions

Island Day Cruise (7 hours)

Rottnest Island     $2000   (Max 20 Passengers)

Carnac Island       $1800   (Max 25 Passengers)

Carnac Island Options:

- 5 hours    $1600
– 6 hours    $1700

Swan River Cruise ( Minimum 2 hours)

Swan River Cruise from $350 per hour (Max 30 Passengers)

Pick Up Charge

No charge for East Street Jetty (Fremantle departure)

Perth Water Pickup      $300

e.g. Barrack St Jetty, Mends St Jetty (South Perth)

Melville Water Pickup  $200

e.g. Applecross Jetty, Nedlands Jetty

*Rates subject to variation without notice. All includes GST and Fremantle departure.

Swan river cruises

Terms & Conditions

Term of Payment and Booking

For your charter to be confirmed, $200 deposit is to be forwarded by a hirer within 7 days of making your booking.  The balance of payment is to be made on or before the day of charter.

Short notice booking – 14 days or less
For the charter to be confirmed $200 deposit is to be forwarded by a hirer within 3 days of making your booking.  The balance of payment is to be made on the day of charter.

Payments can be made by cash, bank deposit, cheque or money order.

Charter Conditions

“Important Information”


Please Ensure

– Food is to be provided from the beginning of the charter if guests are drinking.
– Enough bottled water is to be provided for all guests during the cruise and upon departure from the vessel.

We reserve the right to terminate any charter without compensation if:

– There is excessive alcoholic consumption by passengers.
– Passenger’s conduct is anti social.
– Passenger’s behaviour is placing themselves or others at risk.
– There is damage or risk of damage to the vessel.
– We observe underage drinking on board.(proof of age maybe required)

Dear Charter Organiser,

Please ensure that your guests are informed of the following:

– Responsible service and consumption of alcohol must take place at all times.
– No one is permitted to consume alcohol on the jetty before or after the charter.
– Anyone observed consuming alcohol or appearing to be intoxicated on the jetty will be refused – entry onto the vessel.
– No bottles of full strength spirits permitted. Premixed e.g. UDLs & Cruisers are ok.
– No drinking games are permitted.
– No illegal drugs or illicit substances are permitted on the vessel.


Any damage done to vessel or its fixtures and fittings by the hirer and / or his party the cost of repairs shall be charged to the hirer.

Any loss of equipment or accessories by the hirer and or his party shall be charged to the hirer.

Passengers accept ultimate responsibility for any damage to or loss of personal property, or any illness and injury. The vessels master has complete authority during the cruise.


You may cancel your booking at any time. Cancellation must be made in writing to avoid any misunderstanding.

Payments will only be refunded if the charter date can be re booked or if weather on the day is unsuitable.

“Strong wind warning” as issued by the WA Bureau of Meteorology is assumed to be unsuitable weather if the charter is to be conducted in exposed waters, i.e. Rottnest Island Charters.

In this case, the vessel’s master has complete authority to make decision of cancellation.


– We have vessel and public liability insurance.
– Passengers are insured by its insurance only when they are on the boat.
– When passengers are in the water, then they accept their own responsibility.

Swan river cruises