Carnac Island Cruise

7 Hour trip – 25 Passengers

Carnac has a resident sea lion colony. You can view it easily from the boat. And you may also see dolphins, pelicans and stingrays. If you pay enough attention you will notice different species of tropical and sub-tropical fishand other interesting marine life.

Happy Customers On The Carnac Island Cruise

Sea Lion and Carnac Island CruiseBecause you would never have a chance to visit Carnac Island unless you own or hire a boat, Carnac Island Cruises can be a very precious experience.

We can combine a Carnac Island and Swan river cruise – good way to avoid a strong afternoon sea breeze. Enjoy swimming and snorkelling in the morning at Carnac Island and back to the Swan River for relaxing and sightseeing in the afternoon.

Sample itinerary:

AM 9:00 – Departure from East st jetty Fremantle

AM 9:40 – Arrive at Carnac Island – Enjoy swim, snorkelling, view sea lions

PM 12:00 – BBQ Lunch on the boat

PM 1:00 - Depart Carnac Island and enjoy swan river cruise

Anchor at Rocky bay or Mosman bay for another swim

PM 4:00 – Arrive to East st Jetty Fremantle

- 7 Hours tourMaximum 25 passengers
- Close to Fremantle
- We can combine Carnac Island and river cruise
- Sea lion colony


swan river cruise
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