Bucks / Bachelor Party

Your best friend’s big day is coming up, and you want his bachelor party to be fun for everyone involved. Your main responsibility as the best man is planning the bachelor party. Looking for an activity to kick-start the big occasion then get out on the water for a fantastic day or night. Get on board, grab some beers and sail off into the deep waters with your best friends. This is not a job to be taken lightly, either. This event is quite possibly the last time the groom’s able to att...

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Funeral Services at Sea

Funeral Services at Sea - Scattering Ashes “So they may travel with the ocean currents of the world until the end of time. Whether it is in celebration of an affinity with the sea, the area, a nautical background or just the love of our natural environment, a scattering of ashes ceremony onboard is a tranquil way to return to nature in peace. The Scattering of Ashes at sea, or Ashes Scattering, of a loved one, is becoming increasingly more popular. At this most personal of times, c...

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