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    Rottnest Deep and Advanced Dives

    Rottnest Island A small island situated just off the coast of Perth famous for its snorkelling, diving, surfing, and swimming. ‘Rotto' as it is affectionately known by Western Australians, is a popular holiday destination for both locals and visitors. Rottnest is home to some of the world’s finest beaches and crystal clear bays. The semi-arid Mediterranean style climate and indigenous flora and fauna of this island, provide the backdrop to a special holiday experience. Advanced Diver... Read more

    Whale Watching and Snorkelling with the Whales

    The Department of Parks and Wildlife have granted special licenses for a select few tour companies. These new licenses provide guests the opportunity for an in-water interaction with humpback whales hopefully from September in 2016. These tours have never been previously available in Western Australia and it is sure to be one that you will never forget. Join us to observe humpback whales in their natural environment. If conditions are safe, and if we are able to do so, guests may be able to... Read more

    Rottnest Island Surf

    19km off the coast of Fremantle and Perth - Rottnest gets the swells that Perth should get. There are numerous good breaks and Rottnest has some of the best surfing conditions and most consistent breaks in Western Australia. Rottnest benefits from powerful long interval groundswells that arrive from the South and Southwest. The most popular break on the island is Strickland Bay on the west side of the island. A short rippable right-hand wave and a longer left that does barrel. It is a... Read more

    Film and Media Services

    Media Boat, Photo and Film Location Boat Services Experienced at providing support for filmmaking and photo shoot services, we can offer boats for camera work, set safety or just transporting cast & crew from location to base. Twin-hulled boats are preferred for their stability, versatility and may be moved easily and deployed in any location along the coast at short notice. Speed and maneuverability in the water making them able to meet your job demands. You can scout the ideal... Read more