Rottnest Deep and Advanced Dives

Rottnest Deep and Advanced Dives

Rottnest Island

A small island situated just off the coast of Perth famous for its snorkelling, diving, surfing, and swimming. ‘Rotto’ as it is affectionately known by Western Australians, is a popular holiday destination for both locals and visitors. Rottnest is home to some of the world’s finest beaches and crystal clear bays. The semi-arid Mediterranean style climate and indigenous flora and fauna of this island, provide the backdrop to a special holiday experience.

  • Advanced Diver with experience only.
  • Deep Dives to 40 m.
  • Dependent on Weather Conditions as to dive location and depth.


Rottnest Island is home to some of the finest beaches and bays in the world. With a choice of over 63 sheltered beaches and 20 bays. The diversity of fish and coral species and the numerous shipwrecks found around the Island make Rottnest Island a favourite site for divers and snorkelers. Rottnest Island is a world-class dive site only forty-five minutes away by boat.

Rottnest’s superb reputation for diving comes from a number of different factors; from the crystal clear waters with an average visibility of 15 m and beyond depending on the time of year, the limestone reef with exciting swim-throughs and caverns, the bright and colourful soft-corals, the diverse range of marine life which includes tropical species from the North and temperate animals from the South. Rottnest is a limestone rock based Island, being of a soft porous composition. This soft rock coupled with the open Indian ocean currents have created deep crevices, caverns, and huge swim throughs like you have never seen before. The soft corals are amazing, the fish life is truly diverse and the exploratory nature of the maze of caves, sensational.

All this diversity is protected from fishing by specially marked sanctuary areas that dot Rottnest’s shores.

In different seasons, we experience a multitude of different events. In spring the Humpback Whales hang around for weeks and it is a quite regular to have whales singing or breaching on the trip. Summer see’s us enjoying relief from the extreme mainland temperatures, with great visibility and 24 Celsius water. Autumn is my favourite with light winds and the opportunity to visit the Grey Nurse Sharks out at the west end. Winter brings cooler water but the South side of Rottnest Island holds shelter and some awesome diving.

There are thirteen historic shipwrecks found here and many species of tropical fish make their home in and around the numerous reefs. Around 360 species of fish are drawn to the waters off Rottnest by the Leeuwin current and some 20 species of coral are found within the Marine Reserve, which ensures the protection of the marine environment.

The best thing about SCUBA diving around Rottnest Island Diving, are the great dive sites not only shallow and close to the island but the deeper dives.

These dive trips are only for qualified divers with their Advanced Diver ticket or higher with experience after qualification. You will be required to show certification before boarding. You will also be required to complete and sign the usual disclaimers for advanced diving.

These charters are for advanced, experienced divers only who are trained to understand that deep / advanced dives involve a greater risk of serious injury or death than normal recreational scuba diving. If it has been over 12 months since your last dive, West End Charters require you to complete a Refresher Dive prior to your day trip.

Because of the advanced nature of these dives, we find that divers prefer their own equipment.

Our great staff are very keen to help in any way & with great selections of dive sites, you will be amazed at the fantastic caves of Rottnest Island.

You Get:

  • Subject to weather and recovery from 1st dive – 2 Dives (You are required to supply both of your tanks). $189.
  • Exotic mix air – we can’t advise of depth
  • Endless Tea & Coffee, Biscuits & Lollies
  • Leave Fremantle at 07:00, back around 13.00
  • Bookings essential
  • Payment in Full required on booking. Non-refundable if you cancel within 48 hours of Charter.
  • Minimum numbers are required for charter to run. West End Charters reserves the right to cancel or defer charter if minimum numbers are not met.
  • Dive charters are dependent on weather conditions and West End Charters reserves the right to cancel or change boat/dive site if we believe there is a safety risk to passengers or crew.
  • Divers MUST present their Dive Certification Card or Temporary Dive Card on the morning of the charter to be permitted to board the vessel.
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