Whale Watching and Snorkelling with the Whales

Whale Watching and Snorkelling with the Whales

The Department of Parks and Wildlife have granted special licenses for a select few tour companies. These new licenses provide guests the opportunity for an in-water interaction with humpback whales hopefully from September in 2016.

These tours have never been previously available in Western Australia and it is sure to be one that you will never forget. Join us to observe humpback whales in their natural environment. If conditions are safe, and if we are able to do so, guests may be able to experience an in-water interaction with these majestic animals as well!

Humpback whale season in Perth begins in September and runs through to early December depending on the whales, the weather, and the Leeuwin Current. During this time it is estimated around 40,000 whales pass Fremantle on their annual migration, sometimes stopping to rest, shelter, and play in the waters between Fremantle and Rottnest. The new license allows humpback whale in water interactions from 1st August to 31st October for 2016. We are still unsure if this opportunity will be available.

We are dealing with Mother Nature and animal behaviour. Therefore opportunities will vary from day to day. Nothing in nature is guaranteed, however, every effort will be made to ensure you have an amazing day out. The use of our ship drone assists in sightings and interpreting whale behaviour on the day, which will help determine if an in-water experience is possible. For each tour, there are 10 swimming spots available.

Once our trained crew deems it is safe to do so, swimming guests will be placed in the water at a safe distance from the animals (between 50 and 150 meters) either from the side or in front of the whale’s path. It is then all up to the whales and each interaction will be on their terms. Humpback whales can be curious and may approach swimmers, or they simply may pass by. An in-water interaction is defined as being in the water within the exclusive contact zone.

We cannot emphasize enough that this opportunity will be an extremely rare privilege for all concerned. At all times the safety of passengers and the welfare of the whales will be our main concerns. This means that in-water interactions will not be possible every time we wish it, but only when conditions allow. Interactions, however, will be completely on the whale’s terms, so if the humpbacks behaviour and the weather allows, there will be the chance for a genuine wildlife encounter in the water with them!

The tour is around 6 – 7 hours in length, with times varying dependent on whale behaviour. We will provide you with delicious food throughout the day. All snorkelling equipment and wetsuit are included!

We then make our way out to the open ocean to observe the whales in their playground.

To ensure you have a fantastic day, guests must have excellent swimming and snorkelling abilities. It is an open ocean swim, and therefore experience is necessary for your enjoyment and to minimize the whales’ disturbance.

There is no refund and no repeat tour offered.

Now is the time to register your interest to Swim with a Humpback Whale off Perth in 2016

As the humpback migration is a naturally occurring event, we anticipate the swim/tour season will commence from September 2016 but it could start earlier. By joining this subscriber list you will be the first to know!

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